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Here at Mystic Escape, we aim to push the boundaries of escape rooms with cutting-edge
technology and creative puzzles. Whether you’re into a thrilling mystery or a strategic
escape, we’ve got something for you.

Browse our rooms below to learn more, and book with us today!

Disclaimer: All our rooms are in fantasy settings and the storylines are purely fictitious.


City of Ashes

Difficulty: 9/10    Ages: 16+

Lights fade.

Darkness strikes.

The Devil awakens.

You and your team are expert demon hunters, renowned for your heroic acts of demon-slaying
Recently, the Queen has been hearing whispers from the monsters of the night calling for the mysterious ‘City of Ashes.’ The Council of Hunters has decided to send only their finest investigators to delve into the secrets of the city. There’s one catch, however.
The teleportation tunnel can only hold for 60 minutes. Solve the mystery and bring back the truth on time – otherwise you will be trapped in this dark city forever…


The Fairytales

Difficulty: 7/10    Ages: 16+

After a number of mysterious disappearances in a small town, the police have discovered a thread
connecting all of the cases. Their last whereabouts all link to the mystifying ‘Fairytale Forest.’

As famous detectives, your next mission is to explore this mysterious forest and uncover the secrets that lie within. But the night is descending quickly and you have lost the way out. Unless you leave soon, you won’t make it out alive.

You have 60 minutes before the sun sets. Solve the puzzles, discover the mysteries of the forest and escape before it’s too late…


Yokai Izakaya

Difficulty: 7/10    Ages: 16+

Centuries ago, a rumor spread about the Yokai Izakaya that was surrounded by evil spirits which guarded its fabled backyard. People claimed to see a monk continually circling the area, who never seemed to age. After hearing this myth, you and your ghost hunting team decided to investigate the haunted izakaya, but your colleague Dahlia went missing during her investigation just a few days before your arrival. Now, you are in a rush to find her.
Just then, you received a text message from Dahlia, saying "Help me..." At the same time a disembodied voice approaches you, "There is no backyard here! Stay away..." You and your team have 60 minutes to discover the secrets of this haunted izakaya and rescue your colleague before it's all too late..


Disclaimer: This room features flashing lights which may be unsuitable for players with epilepsy or other photosensitivity.

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